Voter Lists Direct from Your State provides you with up-to-date official voter lists, direct from your state. We include information that your state gathers, which may include the following:

The size of your voter list depends on your needs. You may want all voters in your election district, or "super-voters" with a solid voting track record, or voters of a certain political party. can filter voter information and return a custom voter list, personalized to your exact campaign needs.

Voter Phone Numbers

guarantee realizes that the phone numbers of your future constituents can be essential to your political campaign. However, many states do not provide phone numbers with their voter lists, or provide just a small percentage. can use other sources to increase phone number matching for your voter list at extra cost. Please contact us for details.

Voter List Updates

We update our voter lists direct from your state. Our update frequency depends on the availability, cost, and complexity of the information that your state provides.